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Here’s how you can help “Where To Invade Next:”

  1. First, go see it! Text some friends right now and say, “hey, let’s go see this Friday night!” Commit now to go to a theater that’s playing it this coming weekend. It’s opening in every major and mini-major city in the country. If you live in a place the size of Binghamton, NY, or Grand Rapids, MI, then they’re going to be playing “Where To Invade Next.” Click here to get your tickets: (LINK)
  2. Right now, you can TWEET the following: “.@MMFlint’s 1st film in 6 years is coming out and he needs our help with #WhereToInvadeNext! Read & RT!http://michaelmoore.com/WhereToInvadeNextArmyActions/“ Click here to auto-tweet: (LINK)
  3. Right now, you can FACEBOOK the following: “Michael Moore’s 1st film in 6 years is coming out and he needs our help with #WhereToInvadeNext! Read & Share! http://michaelmoore.com/WhereToInvadeNextArmyActions/“ Click here to auto-post on FB: (LINK)
  4. At the bottom of this letter is the hi-res version of the film’s poster! Feel free to send it around, post it on your social media, download it and print up some flyers, or use it graphically any way that you want.
  5. Send the trailer to everyone on your contact list: (https://youtube.com/watch?v=r4JJvfrkH3M)


Over the next few days I’ll send you other things you can do, like organizing screening parties for this weekend, sending me photos from your theater that I can post, and sharing with your friends exclusive clips from the film which I’ll send you.

If a few thousand of you suddenly became champions and ambassadors for “Where To Invade Next”, then maybe we can pull this off. I certainly would be forever in your debt. Thanks for being there for me.

All my best,

P.S. – Click the Twitter or Facebook buttons at the top and bottom of this page to automatically share it with your friends. Here’s the hi-res poster: