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Join the “People’s Premiere” of “Fahrenheit 11/9” TONIGHT!


TONIGHT, we’re holding the L.A. Premiere of “FAHRENHEIT 11/9” at The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Afterwards, I’ll be doing a live, audience Q&A. And I’d like you to join me!

You don’t need a plane ticket or any Hollywood connections to be part of this. If you’d like to watch the film tonight (two nights before it opens in 1700 theaters all across America) all you need to do is go to Gathr.us to see if it is playing at a theater near you.

To join the live Q&A, I’m joining forces with Act.tvMoveOnDemocracy For AmericaOur Revolution and a host of other great organizations to carry the livestream across all of our social media channels.

The livestream Q&A begins at 9:45 PM PT. Tweet your questions using the hashtag #F119Premiere and tune in on on my Facebook page to watch!

For those unable to catch a screening tonight, I’ll see you at the theaters this Friday when we open everywhere!

See you tonight!

Michael Moore