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Spread The Word! “FAHRENHEIT 11/9” Is Now In Theaters All Across The U.S. & Canada!


My new film, “Fahrenheit 11/9”, opened in theaters all over the country yesterday — in more than DOUBLE the number of theaters for any movie I’ve ever made! Theater managers across North America report applause and ovations at the end of every screening. Also, heard throughout the movie — big rowdy laughter, shouts of rage, whoops and hoots and hollers. “A rage against the screen!” one person reported, as many audience members wanted to reach into the movie and bastard-slap the Narcissist-in-Chief (non-violence please).

I personally went to two theaters last night in LA, and while it is illegal to yell fire in a crowded theater, both of these sold out audiences were ON FIRE. I knew the movie we made would ignite people unlike anything I had ever seen. A despairing nation in need of a lightning bolt of truth and action — a WAY OUT of this insanity — you now have that available to you in the form of a film called “Fahrenheit 11/9.” I promise you, this movie is going to show you things you’ve never seen, it will gobsmack you with some searing truths, and it will offer a portal out of this disgusting matrix in which we are all trapped.

Last night, all across the U.S. and Canada, those attending “Fahrenheit 11/9” were asked to rate the movie, and audiences gave the movie an “A!”

And the critics? The best reviews of my life! Seriously, at some point during this past week, I thought someone was punking me. You HAVE to take a moment to read a couple of these ridiculous raves ‘cause I don’t think this will ever happen again (we just spent 6 days at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes until some Brit at a Murdoch paper weighed in. Hahaha. Nevertheless, we have been officially certified FRESH! Cool!)

Check these out:

Rolling Stone says “you’ll cry laughing,” and calls it a “wake-up call … that rare beast at the multiplex these days: a movie that matters.

Variety calls it “fearless and profound.” The reviewer adds:

“Fahrenheit 11/9 is truly about something, and that’s Michael Moore’s fearless — and I would say accurate — perception that what’s going on in our government today is more sinister than even a lot of liberals think. In Fahrenheit 11/9, Moore captures how the groundwork is being laid for a full-scale destruction of democracy… the movie, in its way, summons something ominous and powerful. It’s not a screed — it’s a warning. It says, quite wisely: Take action now, or you may no longer have the opportunity to do so.”

New York Magazine proclaims “Fahrenheit 11/9” as “one the the most urgent films ever made. You need to see this film!

Salon says:

It’s not unusual to describe a creative triumph as a “tour de force.” But in this case the phrase, which stems from the French for “feat of strength”, is especially apt. This film really is Moore’s tour de force — a forceful, moving, and compelling call to action.   A number of Michael Moore’s films have made history. This time he’s asking his audience to be the ones to do it.

Slate says “it leaves you with your blood pumping hard and fast, ready to get up off the floor and throw the next punch.

Other critics have called it “soul-stirring,” “blistering,” “ferocious,” “part exposé, part doomsday warning, and part call to arms,” “brutally honest…a powerfully blunt instrument” “incisively funny” and “a blistering broadside!

Amazing. Thank you to those who write about the movies.

I so deeply want all of you, my fellow Americans, to come today and tomorrow and be among the first to see my new movie on its opening weekend. I want you to share a fierce, wonderful two hours with thousands of other like-minded Americans who are awake and ready to fight for their friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow students. They are in 1,719 theaters right now! Go join them. You’ll feel exhilarated as you leave the theater with them. You, and those 200 strangers who just sat in the dark with you watching “Fahrenheit 11/9” are the hope amongst the hopeless. We are all in this together. This film is my contribution. We are going to end this madness.

Much love,
Michael Moore

P.S. Please Spread The Word! Let all of your friends know you’re at the movie theater! Take photos/video and share them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #Fahrenheit119 and I will re-post them on my social media pages!