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January 30th, 2005 2:08 AM

"...all of these flag draped results of his greed."

From: [Omitted]
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2005 2:08 AM
To: Michael Moore
Subject: [None]

Dear Mr. Moore,

My husband and I watched your movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" about a month ago (I know, a little late). After we saw that movie, you could have heard a pen drop in our house, we were speechless. I am now a little more than half way through your book "Will They Ever Trust Us Again?". These letters from our military make me furious. I cannot believe our government is actually reactivating retirees and previously separated soldiers.

I enlisted in the US Army when i was 18 years old, for common reasons: college money and lack of other options. I signed a 4 year contract for active duty. I got married about 7 months after I enlisted, and soon after, became pregnant. When a female soldier gets pregnant, they are presented with the option of being released from active duty or staying active. I chose to stay active at that time.

When i was about 7 weeks along, we had what they call a "Division Run". My Chain of command, KNOWING I was pregnant, threatened me with an article 15 if I didn't run. Still the "committed soldier" I was, I ran, out of fear of punishment. Soon after, I miscarried, which immediately made me regret the option i had chosen, of staying in. It was then that I realized that no one was going to take care of me, but me.

We then decided to try again, this time with a different answer to the question presented to me before, "Would you like to stay in or get out?" I got pregnant again and made it known that I wanted out. After 9/11 happened, my orders for release from active duty were put on hold, as ordered by our lovely president: all orders were to be delayed. I eventually received my orders, I was put on "annual reserve status," we went home, and in Feb., had our beautiful little girl. Later that year, my husband Enlisted in the US air force. Upon completing his training, we were moved here (over seas) for our 1st tour.

This war really hits home for my husband and I. We recently learned that the army is contacting both our families, trying to find me, so they can reactivate me and deploy me. I don't understand why they would deploy me, risk my ass, risk the chance of my daughters growing up without a mother in their lives, when my husband is active duty, and will also be going to Iraq. If this war was halfway valid, and if my husband was not also going to Iraq, I would not have a problem going and fighting for my country. I do not want to go there and lose my life for no reason. I do not want my kids growing up and learning about this war in their history classes, and learning that mommy and/or daddy, were sent to this war, which was a lie, and died not for the country, but for George Bush...mommy and/or daddy did not fight to defend America, they fought and died defending one individual's greed and ego. This is not something I want to happen.

I believe that our country is going to hell in a hand basket as we speak. I believe that the only REAL war going on is on American soil. How dare they refuse a mother the right to raise her own children? I decided to get out because I wanted to raise my family, and now that right might be taken from me. While they're at it, why don't they just make me walk around with my face covered, like they do in the middle east? Same thing...taking rights. The funny thing is that I actually voted for Bush in 2000. He promised new equipment to the military, which is how he got a lot of our votes in that election...well, NOW we know why the military needed updated equipment don't we? I think he had this war planned before he was ever even elected in 2000, I think he was just waiting for an excuse (whether it was truthful, or just plain bullshit) to attack Iraq.

When the army finally catches up with me, I can tell you this much: i will not accept orders for Iraq. More than likely, that would land my ass in prison for 6 months, or pregnant again but at least "mommy" will still be alive, I'll still get to write and receive letters, and I will eventually return home alive.

It really eats away at me that Bush will not let all of these flag draped caskets be televised. My husband sees them everyday. By making that decision, Bush is showing a huge lack of respect for all of these fallen soldiers. All of these soldiers who have lost their lives without ever even knowing why they were there to begin with. They went because HE ordered them to go, because he is their boss, because they had respect for him, and he can't even muster up enough respect in return to show all of these flag draped results of his greed. When he made that decision to no longer allow these honorable men and women be televised coming home, he may as well have just said, "who cares? I don't give a shit! Who wants to see that depressing shit? I don't give a shit about all of those people who are going home in a box, so why should the American people give a shit?"

The last time we were home visiting, I was watching TV, seeing all of these commercials, showing all of these happy-go-lucky men and women in uniform, talking about how great it is to be a soldier. I'll bet if they were to incorporate a "human remains ceremony" (that's what their homecoming is called, believe it or not) into all of these commercials for all the KIDS in high school to see, Bush's numbers would drastically descend.

In closing, I want to thank you for all you have done and are doing for our soldiers and our country. Our soldiers need you. They have no one else who has the guts to stand up for them. After I finish this book, I'm going to get back on your website and order everything else I haven't read or watched. I enjoy your work and I so look forward to seeing more of it. Can I make a suggestion? I would LOVE to see a documentary or read a book, about something that is often over looked. Children who have lost parents, and will now grow up without a mother and/or a father. I want the public to see what this bullshit war is doing to, and how it is affecting our youth, our babies. I don't think many people think of that aspect of this war. If you share this letter with anyone, please do not reveal my email address or name.

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