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July 2nd, 2004 1:21 PM

More Views from America #4: New York to South Dakota


Albany: "Our political group, Democracy for America, organized and got 140 people from our group into the 6:50 PM showing. People drove in from more than hour away just to see this film. We nearly bought out that show, but the entire show did sell out easily, as did almost every other showing at Spectrum yesterday. Everyone loved the movie, and applause was a common event throughout the film. After the standing ovation at the end, when I walked out, people had been standing in the back just to watch the movie! Outside of Spectrum, people were gathered talking, handing out flyers for democratic events. The people I went with follow politics closely, as do I. I was surprised that the film contained facts and images that we had NEVER seen before, such as the representatives in Congress pleading for one senator's signature so as to object to the 2000 election going to Bush. I can only imagine that this event mimicked the social activism that occurred during the 60s. The big corporations of America have no right to hide these important facts from the public."--M.M.

Manhattan: "I attended the 7:20 show at the AMC 25 right in the middle of Times Square! The energy in the theater was electric. There was not a single empty seat in the entire theater and it was sold out the entire night! I laughed, cried and shook my head in disgust for the administrations arrogance and inept ability to adequately run this country. I am a 22 year old African American woman with a college level education who is staunchly against this administration?s policies both domestically and abroad. I believe deep down in my heart that this current administration is not acting for the best interests of all Americans. The current economy is in ruins (despite what they would like you to believe) and the world is more unstable than it has ever been in my life time. I feel less safe rather than more safe since the invasion of Iraq and the hand over this morning of Iraqi "sovereignty" is in my opinion all for show. It is so clear to me that the motivation is greed and oil that motivates this administration. Being an International Relations major in college I understand the importance of oil in the scheme of international politics but this administration is the first to demonstrate the desire to acquire more oil for their own personal gain as opposed to financial gain for America. I don not necessarily think that a war for oil is at all justified even if it is for the good of the country as a whole, but I think that if it is in the name of financial earnings for a few men than that is just evil. I have two first cousins who were both sent to Iraq (both have since completed their duty for the time being and are safe and sound at home with their families thank God!) and it makes me ill to think that they are sacrificing their lives in vein. I think that George Bush and the rest of his administration should be arrested for war crimes. They are extremely hypocritical to charge others for war crimes and human rights violations all the while they are invading a sovereign nation in the name of oil. Just because you do not like another country does not justify invading it preemptively. I read a great bumper sticker the other day which said "When Clinton lied, Nobody died." I think this speaks volumes about the partisanship in the country. The Republicans were handing out the impeachment votes for Clinton when he lied about an extramarital affair which is not any of their business anyway. Bush and friends have told us lies as justification to invade a sovereign nation and sacrificed hundreds of thousands American lives. It is not only immoral, it is unforgivable"--Z.M.


Manhattan: "your movie gave me so much hope that we can send this group of shameless, unconscionable criminals back home come Election Day. I've always been proud to be an American, but I am horrified at what we've done in America's name. The scenes that affected me the most were: the murdered and wounded children in Iraq, the seven minute dopey, stupid look on Bush's face in Florida when the World Trade Center was attacked, and his moronic clowning around on camera right before he was announcing that we were going to war with Iraq. What came through most clear for me was the total lack of conscience that this administration has. They have no sense of guilt, no sense of humanity, no real sense of empathy for anyone who's not in their high-finance crowd. I've rarely, if ever seen a movie get applause at the end of a screening."--R.S.

Manhattan: "I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 on friday opening night in NYC. trying to buy advanced tickets at around 2PM I was told 6 oclock was sold out, 7 oclock was sold out, 8 oclock was sold out, 9 oclock was sold out, 10 oclock was sold out, 11 oclock was sold out. I was finally able to buy 2 tickets for the 12:15 show and had a seat in the second row (and thats only because i got there "30 minutes" before the show and still ended up at the end of the line) the room was packed not an empty seat and for the first time in my life I saw almost everyone get up and give a standing ovation."--J.H.

Buffalo: "I went to see the film in Buffalo, New York on opening night the theatre was small but the crowd was enormous atleast (no exaggeration) 3x as many people that could fit. The line stretched out in front of the Mcdonald's next door and cut off the drive-thru, made them so mad the manager repeatedly came out to yell at the people, thankgod for presale tickets. Being a fan of Mr. Moore I kinda knew what to expect, my girlfriend on the other hand did not, she reached for tissues on more than one occasion, I myself almost asked for one. There was a woman sobbing when they showed the amputee soldiers she cried uncontrollably, which was a big clue to a lot of people there that this film was not just entertainment, it was an eye-opener. Even though Michael was not there he got a standing ovation and enough clapping to wear out an entire warehouse full of clappers."--M.B.

Long Island: "I just came back from seeing the movie at Malverne Cinemas (Nassau County, Long Island, NY). I got there about a minute after the movie started. So I did'nt have to wait on a line, but my daughter and I had to sit on the very first row, since all the other seats were already occupied. Although the seats weren't the best, we liked the movie. From the applause that erupted when the credits started to roll at the end of the movie, it was clear that the others in the theater liked the movie, too. When we got out of the theater, there was a long line of people waiting to get in to see the movie. This movie, it appears, has not only touched people as no other movie has, but also propelled them to take action, as was evident from the volunteers outside the theater who were trying to register voters. With any luck, Mike will get his wish and "W" will have to look for another place to live at the end of the year!"--R.K.

Utica: "Last night I attended the 7:30 showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 at Utica, New York's classic Uptown Theatre. I arrived early to insure that I would get a good seat for the showing. I have a friend who manages the theatre and I asked him if the previous 5:20 showing had sold out, and he said yes. In fact they accidentally overbooked the theatre and had to turn a few people away and get them tickets to one of the following shows. As I waited to get into the theatre the lobby became filled to capacity with other film-goers, and I was told the line stretched down the block. Finally we got in and were all treated to a fantastic film, one that is clearly the most important film of recent time. When credits rolled the crowd erupted in a thunderous ovation as Neil Young's "Keep On Rockin in the Free World" played. I'll be bringing more friends to see it in the following weeks. As we all exited the theatre I was thrilled to see the lobby once again filled to capacity, and when I asked my friend, he told me that they had once again sold out the show, and had added a midnight showing to accommodate the huge demand. They also added a midnight showing on Saturday night since they expected as many, if not more demand than Friday. THREE sold out shows and an extra showing. I'm a little bit excited about that!"--R.W.


Charlotte: "I was a little upset that 2 theatres in Charlotte, NC were showing the movie, but I did get to see it and when I saw it - I along with the rest of the audience laughed and cried...and yes at the end gave a standing ovation to your cause. But, Mr. Moore the most important issue I have to mention is that for the first time in my life (29 years old) I will be voting and I will be getting all of my peers involved in the voting process. I am multi-racial male and I feel the need to do more now in my community to become more civic-minded and to get the truth out there and expose the lies."--A.H.

Fayetteville: "I had the pleasure of seeing the film with my husband and a friend of ours, both are Army infantry soldiers who just came back from a year in Iraq. The footage from Iraq was so moving-- my husband and I could do nothing but grip hands and stare at the screen. I was given a chance to experience a fraction of what he went through while fighting this needless, useless, and bloody war. I am so happy to know that all these people across America get to see an unbiased, true- to- life view of what the troops are going through. For that, I thank you. I am also happy that people can finally see the real reasons why my husband and all of our soldiers are fighting in Iraq. Now-- info about opening night. We went to the theater (the ONLY theater that had the balls to play it here in Fayetteville) Friday, and ALL three screenings (including the midnight show that had been added) were sold out! While we were there, we decided not to chance it, and we bought tickets for Saturday night. We stood in line for 45 minutes just to get to the counter and buy the tickets because the theater, the sidewalk, and the street were all packed (there was a news van there, too)! While we were in line, the 7:00 show ended, and everyone who came out of the theater was cheering, talking, smiling, and debating. We had strangers stopping to tell us how awesome the movie was. When we finally got to see the movie on Saturday, we were blown away. When it was over, everyone was talking to each other. We were talking to strangers about ways to register to vote; our friend actually met a couple who was from the same area in CA that he's from. It is awesome-- this movie brings people together and starts some great conversations! When we came out of the theater, we saw the same number of people (if not more) that we saw on opening night waiting outside to see the movie. This movie is huge in Fayetteville. An Army post the size of Ft. Bragg can't hold this movie down! In fact, a large portion of the people who were there to see it were military personnel. I was upset that we couldn't see the movie the first night it opened, but it made me smile to know that all these people were going to see and hear the truth! Thank you again for all that you do, and keep on exposing the truth!"--S.L.

Greensboro: "Because Fahrenheit 9/11 was not showing in my home town of Winston-Salem, NC, I had to travel 30 minutes to the east to the Carousel Grande Cinema in Greensboro to see it. I went with my mother, sister, and four of our close friends. When we arrived for the 4:40 screening Sunday afternoon, we were nearly the first in line before it began to wrap through the lobby. One of the friends who came with me is almost at the voting age, so I took him to a table so he could register. We chatted with several people in line who were also excited about the movie. While we were waiting, there was a minor tiff between us and a patron seeing "The Terminal", who wondered aloud why we were exposing ourselves to "brainwashing". Our responses were "because we can", "because it's my right and privilege", and "because we don't watch Fox News"! After we left the movie, we kept talking about what we had seen and how important that Bush and his crowd needed to be removed from office. That will be a "Mission Accomplished" for us all."--C.B.

Greenville: "Hello, Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to bring a camera but here is a report of a Fahrenheit showing in Greenville SC. Being a republican stronghold and home to none other than the "great" Bob Jones University, I was initially worried the theaters in Greenville would not show the film. I was pleasantly surprised however that Regal Cinemas Hollywood 20 had the film available on opening day. I attended the 4:30 pm showing on the 25th. Although not sold out for this show, the theater was 3/4 full. I saw 2 or 3 parents bring their children, even more brought their teenage kids, a good mix of young adults, and a very surprising amount of "seniors" who in this area are usually the staunch republican suppoters. Reactions ran from laughter and cheers at some points to silent reflections at the sobering facts. There was also a great amount of head shaking from either extreme disbelief or utter disgust, or both perhaps. The film received a hearty round of applause and cheers at its conclusion and based on the amount people standing outside the theater waiting for the next showing I feel certain that the later shows were sellouts. Thank you Michael Moore and everyone involved for making this film and for helping unite America against the "Great Divider"."--C.M.

Asheville: "It saw the movie in Asheville, NC. The area is not particularly known for it's progressive politics, but there was one theater. I was intending to see the 4:30 show. I got there about 4:00 and there was a huge line, maybe close to 1,000 people outside of the theater in downtown Asheville. The 4:30 show was definitely sold out, and I had to wait another three hours to get my ticket. I would have been real mad had I waited three hours in the rain to watch a bad movie, this was not a bad movie. Fahrenheit 9/11 is one of the best and most inspiring documentaries I have seen in a long time. With me the film was preching to the choir, but I will say this: The choir walked out angry at George W. Bush and all of his cronies, and I am going to do everything I can to get that crook and everyone of his cohorts in international crime out of the White House."--S.

Raleigh: "Friday Night's opener was spectacular. My favorite part of the experience was sitting in front of a group of Republicans that had come to the theatre to debunk the movie. They had the entire row reserved. When the movie ended and the crowd stood up to applaud, I looked behind me to see a row of puzzled patrons with their mouth's open and the look of shame and embarrassment on their faces. None of them were standing or clapping. Can you imagine the feeling that must have come over them as they witnessed the enthusiasm and excitement of a packed house take down their President?"--B.R.

Chapel Hill: "I expected it to be difficult to get tickets, but yesterday in Chapel Hill, NC was ridiculous. I went to the Varsity Theatre in the morning to make sure I could get tickets and the sign on the door said, "Fahrenheit 9/11 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 shows SOLD OUT". Luckily I had a friend with the Wake County Democrats who was able to reserve me a ticket in Raleigh - 45 mins away. Another sold out show! Cheering before and during and a standing O after!"--R.B.


Fargo: "My fiancé and I went to the show early not knowing what to expect. Only to be greeted with lines halfway around the theater. There was buzz about which show would be sold out. We waited and hoped we would be able to see it, we have been waiting on end for it to surface(FINALLY!) for a while now. We got to the front row just in time. It sold out minutes later. We sat amazed, most of the things we already knew, but to have it all right in front of you like that is mind boggling. We laughed, cried and like most felt ashamed to be apart of something we are so against."--N.R.


Columbus: "My wife and I went to see the show tonight 6/27. We figured there wouldn't be many people in this movie, but we were suprised to see that the theatre was packed. Thank you so much for not selling out the country like so much of the media. I've been putting pieces together myself for sometime now, and realizing that the American people have been played like a deck of cards. Everytime I'd mention it to someone though, most would call me some sort of conspiracy nut or anti-american. They actually feel its their duty to support the current "regime" just because we are at war. Thank you so much for showing the truth to the nation."--E.P. (US Army, ret.)


Oklahoma City: "I took a few friends along with me to attend the 9:40PM showing at one of two theatres in the area showing Fahrenheit 9/11. We arrived 30 minutes early and were greeted with a line extending from the doors of the theatre, around and through other hallways of the building, through concessions, and out into the parking lot. I ran into several local House of Representative candidates amid the crowds of faces. Inside the theatre, our audience reacted in unison to everything. 550 people sighed, laughed, sneered, and cried right on cue. People stood around and discussed the movie after its conclusion (and the ovation that followed), and several of us continued to the conversation out to a restaurant afterward. Fahrenheit 9/11 is making a dent in the conservative framework of Oklahoma."--E.W.

Tulsa: "911 was even better than I imagined. Although I wasn't allowed to take a picture inside of the lines and marque, there were police inside watching everyone. Don't know what they thought was going to happen. Alot of young people at the movie we attended, in addition to really old people, which surprised me. Everyone applauded at the end." L.


Portland: "I left school (Western Culinary Inst.) early to catch a matinee only to find out from one of the voter registrars that it was sold out until the next day. I quickly caught the max to the next theatre only to see a line that wrapped around the building. Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR have sold out in every theatre since the opening day. It is a very warm and intimate 116 minutes. We all came on common ground with a joint purpose. Amazing how this film HAS driven people to register in this state."--B.B.

Portland: "All Portland Oregon theaters showing this film were sold out for EACH showing of Michael Moore's new film. The theater I attended finally on Sunday morning had closed three other movies being shown to open them for Moore's film including Shreck 2. I loved the movie, not only for the standing ovation received upon the conclusion, but for the continual discussion about the issues surrounding the war and Bush."--A.H-W.

Portland: "I live in Eugene, Oregon. My friend invited me to drive the two hours to see your movie in Portland. After coordinating between Fandango (internet tickets) and our cell phones, we finally found some open seats for a 7:45P show. I joined three generations of her family at the show. It was a packed house...we were not allowed to hold seats. Portland loved what you had to say. The theater laughed together, cried together, and everyone clapped when it ended. Afterwards, we all went out to dinner and talked about the movie. All agreed that no matter our party affiliation, it was a very valuable insight into the current administration, and American politics in general."--U.T.


Pittsburgh: "We didn't think it was going show in the main theater, but it did! They started showing at *10 am*; they don't usually start that early! We went to the 2:30 showing, and usually the theater at that time is a ghost town. Not this time! Almost everyone there was going for Fahrenheit 9/11, and it was a completely packed theater. Everyone was glued to the screen. Good job! Not only that, on the way home, we passed the "art" theater where indies are usually shown. The line was a mile long, and usually only a dozen or so people come to that theater! You guys can be proud it's all happening here in Pittsburgh too. Thank you so much for giving a voice to the voiceless, and a bullhorn to the truth. It's been hidden too long."--M.D.

Aston: "My 18 year old son who just finished high school is currently in the process of getting himself in shape to join the Air Force. Running 3 miles each day and lifting weights to get prepared to serve his country. The only thing he hasn't done, is sign any binding military documents. Well guess what, he won't be going to Iraq... I've informed him tonight. If the government officials won't send theirs, then there's no need to send mine. I don't think Michael could have put it any better when he stated that our young men and woman want to serve our country, but only ask them to - when it's really necessary. We went to purchase tickets on Friday, however Fahrenheit 9/11 was sold out, so we purchased tickets for today (Saturday). We will be back to the same theatre tomorrow morning, with our 2 eldest sons (20 & 18), to purchase tickets on Sunday, for them to view it too. When we were leaving the theatre, from viewing the documentary, a woman said to me "I wish there was something I could do to make a difference." I told her there was. Come to your website and give to an organization listed, then tell everyone you know to see Fahrenheit 9/11 and let the population of America show by their numbers - enough is enough."--C.M.

Bellafonte: "My 79 yr old father & I went to the opening at the Garmen Opera House in Bellefonte, PA. We got there 45 mins before it was suppose to start. We were in line. The theater allowed you to go up and buy the tickets, and then wait outside till the other people watching the movie left. I went up and got the tickets. Right behind me there was a couple who told the ticketmaster that there son was in Iraq. They were allowed in for free. The theater only has one entrance & one exit. So it was a cluster to get in or out. The line went down to the street in both directions. After we got in the theater and found our seats, I went for some food. As I was making my way back to my seat I saw the mother of the soldier sitting in the back row. I tapped her on the shoulder, mentioned that I overheard... and told her I was praying for her son. She thanked me profusely, and told me he was stationed in Fallujah. She teared up as I did as well. When the people got into see the movie, you could still see the line going up the street. 7:30 show completely sold out. After the movie was over, and we got outside. The line went up the street as far as I could see (its on a hill) I know the 9pm sold out too. When the movie finished there was thunderous applause."--L.

Harrisburg: "We waited nearly 6 hours last night to see Fahrenheit 9/11--and it was well worth it. The only theater showing the film in south-central PA was Midtown Cinemas in Harrisburg, about 25 miles from my hometown of York. So many showed up for the 7pm showing that when we got there at 6:15 it was obvious we wouldn?t get a seat. So we came back figuring we?d make the 9:30--only to find out it was sold out to the people who?d been standing in line but couldn?t get in to the 7pm screening. So we waited for the midnight show, mostly with young people who were a lot better at Scrabble than we were--at 51 we were the seniors in the crowd. We left feeling disturbed, angry, and responsible for not getting fooled again."--M & T


Sioux Falls: "Went to the 7:15pm show at Century Theatre in Sioux Falls. It was packed. The eclectic crowd ranged from ages 18-80. Not sold out, but damn close. The movie invoked tears during the black screen with 9/11 sounds in the background, the mother who's son was lost in Iraq, and when she went to D.C. near the end. The laughs were peppered throughout and forceful. When Michael mentioned that only one member of congress had a child in Iraq, whispers abounded because it was our Senator Tim Johnson (D) whose son Brooks was serving in Iraq. The ending was terrific..."fool me once" and as has been reported from all over the country this weekend, the theatre ERUPTED into applause when it was over. We are going to win."--M.G.

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