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Dan Rackley is a US Naval veteran living in Philadelphia and a contributor to "Will They Ever Trust Us Again?"

April 27th, 2011 12:10 PM

So the Birth Certificate Is Out, Will Donald Trump Please Shut Up Now?

So it looks like a few of you have strong opinions about the Donald Trump presidential run.  Thankfully, all of America’s sanity has not been lost.  At least I can go to sleep at night knowing that I’m not the only one that thinks it’s a bunch of garbage and a waste of people’s time.  But something happened this morning that just proved that everyone, from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, is having their time wasted by this overblown bloated clown.

Donald like so many others has been pushing to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  The general theme with his argument has been is that he isn’t qualified to be president because he hasn’t shown what Trump and some others consider to be an adequate birth certificate.  Couple of problems with that.  I’d like to think that a birth certificate is one of the first things they ask for when you officially file for candidacy.  I actually saw Dave Chappelle say something this morning to the extent of asking for a birth certificate on Trump’s hair.  This whole birther mess started a long time ago.  For those that remember, not too long after President Obama began his 2008 run, these chain emails started circulating around the internet.  They claimed everything from him being a Muslim to being a Martian from outer space.  Because his middle name is Hussein, they served nothing more than to feed hysteria among the horribly misinformed.  It’s saddening to know that one of the richest men in the world fell victim to that same hysteria.

So this morning a press conference was called and Obama released the long version of his birth certificate.  I hoped as I watched on CNN this morning that this would shut Donald Trump up.  Unfortunately, it did the exact opposite.  At a press conference in New Hampshire(I’m surprised he didn’t hold it during an episode of The Apprentice) The Donald stated that he claimed responsibility for Obama releasing his birth certificate.  Unfortunately all this is going to do in my eyes is make him look like an even bigger ass than he already is.  By pushing this as the first thing many voters have heard from him, all he did was placate the horribly uninformed on a complete non-issue.  In short, he whined until he got his way.

Then he had the gall at his own press conference to say that he was looking forward to examining the document.   Not only did he get his way at the expense of again looking like a bully; but he is telling us that it isn’t a valid birth certificate until he looks at it personally.  If this guy won the campaign he’d have people calling him godfather and kissing his rings.

One gentleman that was going to have Trump visit his business during his jaunt through New Hampshire, Ken Smith, was interviewed on CNN today regarding this whole topic.  He said that he didn ‘t think too much of the birther issue put forward by Trump and it is all to get his name out there.  First of all, is Donald Trump that damaged a person that he needs to disparage the president to let people know who he is?  As if he doesn’t have people know who he is already.  He has a top rated show on prime time network television.  All Mr. Smith’s statement proves is that once again, Donald Trump is a blowhard that will gut anyone to forward his agenda.  The fact that he is a member of the Portsmouth City Council scares me and makes me happy my family does not live in New Hampshire.  I wouldn’t want someone that thinks Trump’s actions are harmless running my city.  That and Donald doesn’t care one bit about any real issues.  Only bullying and petty insults.  I’m sure Rosie O’Donnell can attest to that.

The one rational thing that has come out of this whole mess is Obama’s statements following the release of his birth certificate.  He said that the country has bigger things to worry about and more important things to deal with than a non issue like a birth certificate.  I don’t always agree with everything the president says, and probably never will.  But one thing I will always stand firm on;  we have far bigger things to deal with.  Hopefully now, this will take a little bit of the wind out of Donald Trump’s sails.  Maybe now that Obama has released his birth certificate he will finally shut up and stop wasting our damn time.  But that won’t happen.  Hopefully we will just break even as a country and have him drop out of the race as soon as ratings for The Apprentice get back to the level he wants.

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