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Dan Rackley is a US Naval veteran living in Philadelphia and a contributor to "Will They Ever Trust Us Again?"

September 20th, 2011 11:58 AM

One Good Thing, One Bad Thing

DADT officially repealed, Linda McMahon for Senate

Well folks, by the time you’ve read this, one good and one bad thing has happened in the United States.  The good thing, the United States military has officially repealed the ignorant “don’t ask don’t tell” policy regarding homosexuals from serving in America’s armed forces.  I’ll get to the bad thing later but I’d like to focus on this for the time being.

This policy, which had been in place since the Clinton Administration, basically made it a dischargeable offense if you were active duty and someone found out you were gay.  Yes, in a country where we pride ourselves on our advanced civil liberties, gays and lesbians weren’t allowed to be in the military.  This policy was nothing more than a continuation of archaic beliefs and ideas. 

Gays and lesbians have been allowed and rightfully so to attain positions in every other aspect of our society.  Now the right thing has finally been done, and these folks can now do what they’ve either wanted to do or had to do in silence for too long.  A very simple thing.  Serve their country.  To be able to stand up and say that I can fight just as good as everyone else.  Think about this for a second, if you’re in a foxhole somewhere under fire, or on a battleship that just took a bad hit; are you really going to give a damn about the sexual preference of the person that saves your life?

You won’t.  I’d like to use for a moment the Johnny Cakes character from The Sopranos.  Here was a homosexual fireman.  If it’s ok for them to pull people out of a burning building, it should be ok for them to pull someone out of a burning tank.  Now by government mandate it is.  It should have been for some time now.  I think some of the higher ups in the military were far too worried about how this would affect the way the military is run.  It wouldn’t have been run any different.  Remember that survey they conducted last year?  The average soldier or sailor couldn’t care less!  This is one more step towards actually guaranteeing all of those rights we get told about in The Constitution.

Now the bad thing I spoke of earlier.  Linda McMahon has officially announced, once again, that she is running for Senate in the state of Connecticut.  Anyone that’s a follower of politics or professional wrestling for that matter should either look towards her campaign as what it is, a bad wrestling storyline.  Remember when she ran in 2010 and everyone came out of the woodwork to knock her for her former company’s business practices?  The whole thing turned into a circus.  Remember the thinly veiled Linda McMahon campaign ads that appeared on WWE TV?  If you’re reading this and not a fan of professional wrestling, here’s basically what happened.  About a month before the election on their television programs, the WWE launched what was called the “Stand Up For WWE” campaign.  They called upon their fans to call whoever they had to and say that the WWE is good wholesome family entertainment.  Yes, they wanted you to call your congressman, your senator, whoever you had to and say that you support the WWE(Linda McMahon for Senate) and that all of the attacks against the WWE(Linda McMahon for Senate) were unfair.  What a load of garbage.

Linda McMahon knows about as much about being an elected official as I do running the space program.  This is another one of those Rick Scott like examples where someone is trying to buy their way into office.  She’s got a multimillion dollar corporation with global broadcasting ability to play thinly veiled campaign ads without actually saying what they are.  I guarantee you, if you turn on one of the WWE’s programs, eventually we will see a revival of the “Stand Up For WWE” campaign again.  I just hope that nobody actually attempts calling an elected official to proclaim this.  Can you imagine someone calling Speaker Boehner’s office and saying they are standing up for WWE?  They’d be put away!

Nothing the McMahon family has ever done outside of wrestling has ever done well.  Nothing.  Wrestling is the only thing they know how to do well.  But over the course of the past few decades they have tried everything other than wrestling and failed at it.  The Evil Knievel jump over Snake River Canyon, the Sugar Ray Leonard fight, the bodybuilding organization, the football league, that horrible restaurant in Times Square and those movies that aren’t even in theaters long enough for the projectionist to get them into focus.

If the only thing that a member of your family has done successfully involving government is beat a federal steroid distribution rap, then you probably shouldn’t be a Senator.  At least with the other failed ventures that Linda McMahon has been involved in, the only thing that would be at risk would be her own company.  If she got elected, than everyone would be at risk.  Be wary of rich people getting into politics because they’ve not nothing better to do.

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