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May 2nd, 2011 5:40 AM

Tweets on Death of Osama bin Laden, May 1-6, 2011

"8 years to the day when Bush put on that costume and falsely declared "Mission: Accomplished." "

"A moment of silence for all who died on 9/11."

"So much death and destruction in the last decade... Let's hope this decade is led by actions like those in Tunisia and Egypt..."

"This is somewhat breathtaking -- and right while I was watching "Celebrity Apprentice" on "Mission Accomplished" Day. #coincidence"

"Will Obama need to present the OBL long form death certificate for Trump to believe it? At least bin Laden wasn't killed in Hawaii."

"Andrew Card, Bush Chief of Staff, on ABC now, defensive about why Bush couldn't get bin Laden -- the "War President" had nearly EIGHT YEARS."

"Pundit Hawks on all networks now still trying to stoke the fear: "This doesn't mean the war on terror is over! It could get worse!" #STFU"

"No matter what Obama says, bin Laden's not dead until Donald Trump see's his death certificate. #Deathers"

"From @Oprah : Does this mean the war is over? (Yes, say it is so, Mr. President.)"

"Wow. Horns honking in New York. Huge crowd gathering outside White House cheering Obama after speech."

"They killed him while he was in a mansion! As many of us have said forever, this multi-millionaire bin Laden was never in a friggin' cave."

"It is NOT partisan 2 point out Obama took 2 years 2 do what Bush couldn't do in over 7. It's the dif btwn stupid in charge or smart.

"STUPID pursues 2 reckless wars, let's OBL escape Tora Bora, keeps looking in caves. SMART sends in small strikeforce, no troops killed 2day."

"FOX News: Elderly Man on Dialysis Killed by Young African-American Male"

"Bin Laden already tweeting from hell: @GhostOsama: I retired as the world champion of hide and seek."

"I'm in New York tonight, no one's going 2 bed. It's 1am. There's so much happening Ground Zero packed so many remembering that horrible day."

"Cost of war to the U.S. since 2001: 1.2 trillion dollars. Interrupting Celebrity Apprentice: Priceless. (via Mike Olpin)"

"For 9 yrs I said OBL is NOT in a cave, NOT in "tribal region." On show after show, in my writings, in my movie--couldn't get ppl 2 listen."

"Why didn't I think he was in a cave? OBL was a multi-millionaire. Multimillionaires don't live in caves. I've met rich ppl. They hate caves."

"Me on Larry King 2 yrs ago: Video: Transcript: "Larry, would u live in a cave for 6 yrs?" "

"From my blog Oct '10: "If there's 1 thing I've learned about the rich it's that they don't live in caves for 9 yrs." Lesson: Pundits=Idiots"

"Correction: I said OBL wasn't in a cave THREE years ago on Larry King (Larry agreed he wouldn't live in a cave either. "I'd live in Vegas")."

"Also, Batman is the only known millionaire who would live in a cave & even then he didn't actually "live" there. He only went 2 it to change"

"And finally, let's cut the BS: 1. The Pakistanis knew OBL was there because...2. They put him there under house arrest at their WestPoint..."

"3. They cut a deal with us: They would hold him there & stop him fr any more terror. 4. But OBL prob f-ed up & started planning something..."

"5. So Pakistan said, f*** it, he's expendable, u guys can have him. And they looked the other way."

"6. No way do choppers fly in next door to army base and "WestPoint", have firefight, blow up chopper, and no cops or Paki soldiers show up?"

"7. Please! Pakistan just couldn't be seen as participating with us. And please-- the CIA didn't know he was living there for 6 yrs?"

"8. As long as he wasn't conducting terror, OBL alive served a purpose. Someone should just fess up: The war industry needs fear to make $$"

"9. And when he was no longer needed, or he was back to his old ways, he had to be taken out. WH, just say it: He was executed, period."

"10. Finally, when we put the Nazis on trial @ Nuremberg, it was right. It exposed their evil & it showed WE believe in a system of justice."

"My apologies 4 all the tweets. I just don't think we're being told the truth. I don't think there's a conspiracy, I'd just like the facts."

"Thanks 4 all the good feedback. I believe Obama will want the truth 2 be told. But the Pentagon has a history of putting out BS after BS..."

"The Pentagon lied about the Jessica Lynch rescue & they really lied about Pat Tillman. They've already changed their OBL story 3x in 3days."

"I'll leave w/ this: Where were OBL's bodyguards during raid? There were 0. U don't need bgs when u live udr house arrest on a Pak army base."

"@jaketapper It looked like to me that Batman did very little work in that cave and left most of it up to the old man and Robin."

"RT @highschoolpaper Us teens have been living with these wars for most of our lives; now, Osama is dead. Let us hope that the killing ends with him. "

"How come no headline ever read "Multi-Millionaire Murders 3,000"? It would have been correct. No, best to focus on OBL being a "Muslim." "

"OBL was about as true a Muslim as Timothy McVeigh was a Catholic. But no headline ever read "Catholic Blows Up Fed Bldg in Oklahoma City." "

"OBL was said 2 have $30 mil net worth. But we didn't start profiling rich people. No, we gave them their own fast trak line at the airport!"

"Still can't get over this line: "We buried him at sea according to Muslim tradition." "

"Yes, and to repeat, whenever I've gone 2 the funeral of a Muslim friend in Detroit, we all hop in a chopper & drop the body in Lake Erie."

"I'm not opposed 2 dumping him in the sea, I agree no monument 4 a mass murderer, I just don't need the added BS of "according 2 Muslim law." "

"What's so wrong w/ just saying the truth? "We executed him." Fine. I'm guessing most would applaud u. So I like trials! Call me an American!"

"Ppl tweeting me saying, "but OBL said he was Muslim, that's why press said 'Muslim did 9/11.'" 1st, OBL disobeyed and degraded Islam. 2nd..."

"Just cause OBL said he was Muslim, that made it true? Didn't media have respnsblty 2 always point out, "But Islam says nothing of the sort." "

"If I say I'm a Martian 2morrow, will the press just start calling me a Martian? Or will they say, "Mars, in fact, does not produce humans." "

"Islam didn't bring down the Twin Towers -- but a few million dollars to run a multi-year op sure did. OBL's $$ made 9/11 possible."

"So this rich guy's got all this $$ to do 5 more 9/11s, but the Pakistanis have him on lockdown - with no internet to run his operation..."

"So he has to sit there in this resort town where all the Pakistani generals have built vacation homes with the bribes we've paid them..."

"...And watch rogue crazies like the underwear bomber copycat him with $3 underwear! He had to have been, like, "Lemme outta here!" "

"It's not that OBL "deserved" a trial. WE deserved it. WE need to return to what we say we are: a nation of laws made by free people."

"The #1 comment I've heard since being on CNN last night: "Trials are a waste of time." #2: "A trial for OBL might create more terrorism.""

"I understand the sentiment because we all want OBL gone. But these statements are an admission that our great American Experiment is dead."

"The terrorists win when we are willing to scrap our system of justice and do it their way: "Just kill 'em!""

"The terrorists win when we have turned into a nation of wusses who are afraid to hold a trial because "they might hurt us!""

"The terrorists win when we elevate them to nation status and call it a "war" and call them "the enemy.""

"They are a crime syndicate using religion as a guise. They seek power through fear. Like the mob. They're not an army--they're criminals."

"And like the worst, most despicable criminals, they should b hunted down & brought 2 justice. We r NOT them. We r civilized. We hold trials."

"And, I'm sorry: Ground Zero is a graveyard of heroes and victims. It is not a place to hold a party, spray champaign, & shout "USA! USA!""

"RobertE.Lee & JeffersonDavis led a war that cost 600K lives. I didn't see them get double-tapped. In fact, whole states have holidays 4 them"

"I'm just saying, I want my America back. I dunno, maybe it never was. We are a nation founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves."

"Hey, it's Friday! Quittin' time! Beers r on me! Thanks 4 listening. Somewhere I know our capacity 4 good is still there. Let's not give up."

"I guess I & lots of others thought we could do better, b better, b that shining light 4 others. Now we just let generals & bankers roam free"

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