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December 22nd, 2012 3:14 PM

Michael Moore Answers Twitter Questions About Bowling for Columbine, Friday, December 21st

Bowling for Columbine will be shown on Current TV at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT and 10:30 PM ET/7:30 PM PT every day except Christmas from Saturday, December 22nd to Friday, December 28th


RT @THuff7 how long did all that research take?

The film took a little over three years to make. The research was ongoing during that entire time.


RT ‏@the_lucky_girl @MMFlint Did you ever speak to Heston after the film?

No. A couple years after we filmed that interview he came down sadly with Alzheimer's so we never got to speak again.


RT ‏@cybercamper @MMFlint what is best counter argument to the NRAs claim to add guns in school,will be a quick remedy to massacres?

My answer:there were two armed guards at Columbine the day of the massacre. At Fort Hood massacre I think there was lots of army w/ guns.


RT ‏@seonf @MMFlint are you still a member of the NRA after all that's going on?

I believe I've been excommunicated. The reason I joined was my original idea for the film was to run against Heston for NRA president.


RT ‏@StevenSinger3 @MMFlint @current Do you think we've learned anything since you made #bowlingforcolumbine ?



RT @North80West @MMFlint why do you think us Canadians love guns like Americans but do not suffer mass shootings like America does?

Because Canadian society is structured very different from ours. They make sure everyone has medical help. They don't invade countries, etc


RT @DeAnzaMusic What can we do as Americans to lower the amount of homicides inflicted by gun violence? CAN we do anything? @MMFlint

Stricter gun laws will reduce some but until we deal with our national mindset that condones violence (war, death penalty, etc) no change


RT ‏@JoeyD111123 What were you hoping to come out of the Kmart visit? @MMFlint 

Nothing, really. I was literally stunned when they came out and made that announcement. I thought, wow, this camera has special powers!


RT ‏@Peaker76 @MMFlint What country should USA follow to adapt or create a gun control policy?

Canada. That's my answer for pretty much everything except pipelines and baby seals. They also vote with a pencil and piece of paper. Duh.


RT ‏@kelsey_davey watching the movie with dad. i cant believe this footage and the 911 calls. please don't make a movie for Newton.

If the public could see what a .223 bullet from a Bushmaster does to a 6 yr old face or body, the gun debate would b over & the NRA finished


RT ‏@MMFlint why is the U.S. the only country on the planet with this irrational fear that everyone must be armed?

I think it has something to do with the guns we used to commit genocide on the Indians and then enslave black ppl to do our work.


RT ‏@JonMann84 @MMFlint how quickly was most of your movie debunked and proven to be full of lies?

Sadly, it's been proven to be all too true. Aurora, Ft Hood, Tucson, Virginia Tech, etc etc. Massacre after massacre.


RT ‏@ghhshirley @NRA's formula: Keep everyone afraid, and they'll consume. Works for @FoxNews too.

Well, you hit the home run tonight. Those are the basic tenets of Capitalism -- & the NRA/gun industry employ them well 


RT @motostache why are none of the American massacres labeled terrorist attacks? Or is it only applicable if done by a brown person?

Well! Why on earth would you think that?


RT ‏@aharbo What is the significance of the white male mass killer and why has this been ignored by media?

The media will never say this: "white men r running rampant with guns". Or refer to Newtown as "white on white crime". Racism alive & well.


RT ‏@Koreelove Watching @marilynmanson on tv saying very smart things. @MMFlint #bowlingforcolumbine

He might be the smartest person in the movie. An amazing guy. 


RT ‏@Schmitt_Ice @MMFlint do you think the NRA has any point to blaming violent movies for a violent society or are they scapegoating?

Canadian kids watch the same violent movies and play the same violent video games. So why aren't they shooing each other on a weekly basis?


RT ‏@JillHelser was the cartoon done by the South Park guys? It is brilliant in its simplicity and powerful commentary

No, my team and I made the cartoon, led by Harold Moss.


RT ‏@white_riot_85 @MMFlint is the opening scene of #bowlingforcolumbine staged in any way?

Nope. After getting perm to film u see me walking in there for 1st time. I opened a real account. They did bkgrnd check & I was handed gun.


RT ‏@BradJConnolly With debate raging back and forth maybe it's time for a national referendum. Oh wait, I'm in Canada. Sorry! Good luck!

Don't rub it in. And how come not a single person in Canada last yr went bankrupt over medical bills? Losers! 


RT ‏@FraserDan11 @MMFlint If you were remaking/editing #bowlingforcolumbine today, what would you do differently?

Not a single thing. I am very proud of this film & sad that it's still relevant. I'm grateful it won the Oscar & set a box office record.


RT ‏@erachh It's amazing to me how the same argument that Michael Moore makes still holds up today 10 years later 

Well, that's pretty sad, isn't it? This will only change if each and every one of you get active now. 


RT ‏@Nautilus916 @MMFlint What did you end up doing with the gun you got from the bank? 

I still have it! Been waiting for the right time to auction it off for charity or a cause. Maybe now is that time. 


RT ‏@ZealousJames @MMFlint What was the hardest thing to overcome from the production of BFC?

The amount of violent threats leveled at me. Winning the Oscar only made that worse. And Bush was starting the Iraq War. More killing. USA!


RT ‏@hectorkatz any interest in the film returning to theaters anywhere?

Wouldn't that be great. I would see that 100% of profits would go to anti gun/violence efforts. 


RT @CbingoR Shocking to read these #bowlingforcolumbine tweets, a country on the downfall in 140 characters or less #gocanadago

Don't give up on us.


RT ‏@mroberholt @MMFlint Do u believe in the plan proposed by mayor @MikeBloomberg? If not who do u think has the most sensible plan?

I favor repealing the 2nd amendment. We repealed the Prohibition amendment. The 2nd amendment is not relevant today unless u use a musket.


RT ‏@joshiku @MMFlint Did you really use a "Star Map" to find Charlton Heston's home? @current 

Yes!The crew &I were on our way to the airport to leave LA and Megan O'Hara the field producer shouted Let's get a Star Map & go find Heston


RT ‏@Y2Keg @MMFlint Were there any consequences because of the speech you gave after winning an Oscar for #bowlingforcolumbine? America needed that.

Yes. It's the in the first chapter of my latest book, Here Comes Trouble. You can read it for free on my site. 


RT ‏@teachingazteca @MMFlint here is a question u wont answer- how much was ur net profit from that movie? #nra #tcot #nowaynra

I made BFC 4 no pay. I gave back all my salary to finish it. I've made $0 profit. Tho I believe the studio owes me, I've never seen a dime.


RT ‏@trailerparkkid @MMFlint did you pay to bail out your armed security guard when he was arrested at the airport? 

I've never had a security guy w/ a gun arrested at an airport. The man in question was working for Arnold Schwartzeneger


RT ‏@jessepap45 @MMFlint did you seriously make no money from bfc?wow that can't be true?

Don't worry about me! I was living fine at that time off the royalties from my book Stupid White Men (it was selling over 3 million copies!)


RT‏ @Marzzattackk @MMFlint you partially dedicated #bowlingforcolumbine to my father, John Alberts. I will always stand behind you in ALL of your efforts.

He was a sound design genius and a victim of gun violence and is missed by many in this business. Hope you're doing well! God bless.


RT ‏@GiovanniEsposi2 @imyourlawyer @MMFlint #bowlingforcolumbine so true. Why is gun rate in Windsor much lower than our neighbour Detroit?

Because in Windsor u lack our unique mix of fear, racism, extreme poverty, and an ongoing history of solving our problems w/ violence.


RT ‏@vindoc @MMFlint why is it no one in canada do spaghetti supper / pancake breakfasts to pay hospital bills for their loved ones.

Canadians r taught from birth to live by the attitude of "we." In the US, we r taught "me, me, me." Every man for himself! It is our undoing


RT ‏@DanielRivera24 @MMFlint it's been over ten years since #bowlingforcolumbine looking back at the film do you see any hints that Heston had Alzheimer's then?

No. When we filmed him he was moving slow because he'd recently had hip surgery. We shot that 2 yrs before he had Alzheimer's. R.I.P.


RT ‏@sci_comms @MMFlint very engaging conversation. It's as if we're gathered around at a pub. Fantastic. #bowlingforcolumbine

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