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April 11th, 2013

Michigan Families to Rally for Sensible Gun Laws in Lansing

CONTACT:   Linda K. Brundage, Moms Demand Action MidMichigan/Lansing Chapter; (517) 337-3024 or Kim Russell, National Director of Communications, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America; (917) 226-4420 or ADVISORY for Saturday, April 13 Michigan Families to Rally for Sensible Gun Laws in Lansing All 5 State ... continue reading

Barbara Garson


April 10th, 2013

Down Is a Dangerous Direction: How the 40-Year "Long Recession" Led to the Great Recession

Crossposted from TomDispatch  If you had to date the Great Recession, you might say it started in September 2008 when Lehman Brothers vaporized over a weekend and a massive mortgage-based Ponzi scheme began to go down.  By 2008, however, the majority of American workers had already endured a 40-year decline ... continue reading

Bill McKibben


April 10th, 2013

Is the Keystone XL Pipeline the “Stonewall” of the Climate Movement? And If So, Is That Terrible News?

Crossposted from TomDispatch  A few weeks ago, Time magazine called the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline that will bring some of the dirtiest energy on the planet from Alberta, Canada, to the U.S. Gulf Coast the “Selma and Stonewall” of the climate movement. Which, if you think about it, ... continue reading

Jon Schwarz

April 8th, 2013

Margaret Thatcher and Iraq

Almost no one today remembers Margaret Thatcher's long history with Iraq. But few people beyond Saddam Hussein played a greater role in shredding the country into tiny little pieces. Here are some highlights: 1981 Despite Thatcher's government being officially neutral in the Iran-Iraq war, and having voted for a UN ... continue reading

David Swanson

Activist and Author, War Is a Lie

April 7th, 2013

A Peace Movement That Moves Toward Peace

Why did the peace movement of the middle of the last decade not grow larger?  Why did it shrink away?  Why is it struggling now?As has been documented, a huge factor in the shrinking away was partisan delusion.  You put a different political party's name on the wars and they ... continue reading

Laurel Krause

Director, Kent State Truth Tribunal

April 6th, 2013

Kent State Truth Tribunal's Submission Posted ONLINE at the UN Human Rights Committee Website

UN NEWS  ~ The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner, Human Rights Committee released their 'List of Issues' to be asked of the United States regarding American Leadership's human rights record. Unfortunately the 'List of Issues' does not include our submission for the May 4th Kent State massacre. However, ... continue reading

Nathan Fuller

April 5th, 2013

Livestream of a Bradley Manning panel event

Check back here for a live-stream of this event beginning at 8pm EST. At 8:30pm there will be a discussion panel held with Birgitta Jonsdottir, Kevin Gosztola (of FireDogLake), Alexa O’Brien (independent journalist long covering the Bradley Manning trial), Peter Hart (FAIR media critic). The discussion will be moderated by Sam ... continue reading

April 4th, 2013

'Roger' makes its point with humor

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times September 5, 1989 When Flint, Mich., was named by Money magazine in 1988 (it bounced from No. 300 to No. 299 in the latest poll) as the worst place in America to live, some of the local citizens were so upset they held a rally ... continue reading

April 4th, 2013

Roger Ebert and 'Roger & Me'

Excerpted from Here Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life by Michael Moore I had shown a cut of [Roger & Me] to three film festival selection committees — Telluride, Toronto, and New York. They all liked it and accepted it to be shown at each of their festivals in September ... continue reading

Carl Gibson


April 4th, 2013

How the Government Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.

Before scoffing at this headline, you should know that in 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee, more than three decades after MLK's death, a jury found local, state, and federal government agencies guilty of conspiring to assassinate the Nobel Peace Prize winner and civil rights leader. The same media you would expect ... continue reading

Dilip Hiro


April 4th, 2013

The Great Afghan Corruption Scam: How Operation Enduring Freedom Mutated into Operation Enduring Corruption

Crossposted from TomDispatch Washington has vociferously denounced Afghan corruption as a major obstacle to the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. This has been widely reported. Only one crucial element is missing from this routine censure: a credible explanation of why American nation-building failed there. No wonder. To do so, the U.S. ... continue reading

Ira Chernus

Professor of Religious Studies

April 4th, 2013

Obama Walks the High Wire, Eyes Closed: When It Comes to Israel, Palestine, and Iran, It Could All Come Crashing Down

Crossposted from TomDispatch Barack Obama came to Israel and Palestine, saw what he wanted to see, and conquered the mainstream media with his eloquent words. U.S. and Israeli journalists called it a dream trip, the stuff that heroic myths are made of: a charismatic world leader taking charge of the ... continue reading

Bernie Sanders

Senator (I-Vt.)

April 3rd, 2013

Too Big to Jail?

We are supposed to be a country of laws. The laws should apply to Wall Street as well as everybody else. So I was stunned when our country's top law enforcement official recently suggested it might be difficult to prosecute financial institutions that commit crimes because it may destabilize the ... continue reading

Tom Engelhardt


April 2nd, 2013

American Anniversaries from Hell: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Crossposted from TomDispatch It’s true that, last week, few in Congress cared to discuss, no less memorialize, the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.  Nonetheless, two anniversaries of American disasters and crimes abroad -- the “mission accomplished” debacle of 2003 and the 45th anniversary of the My Lai massacre -- were at least noted ... continue reading

Candace Gorman

Civil Rights Attorney, Activist

April 2nd, 2013

A Hunger Strike Has Taken Over Guantanamo

A hunger strike has taken over the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison camp. The main reason, as our military has reluctantly acknowledged, is the growing sense of frustration and despair among the detainees, most of whom, like my client, have been there over eleven years without charge, trial, or, it seems, hope. ... continue reading

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FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States WASHINGTON—The FBI announced today that it has uncovered a...

Apr 15th
3:28 PM
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Revealed: Rahm Emanuel's top donor bought stock in Marriott just before it was awarded huge contract As schools are closed and pensions cut,...

Apr 9th
2:00 PM
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I'll be at First Time Fest today in New York City at the screening of my first film, Roger & Me. Loews Village 7 at 12:30 pm. Come see it on the big...

Apr 5th
9:48 AM
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Revealed: Rahm Emanuel cuts public pensions, diverts money to benefit campaign donors If you've read the financial news out of Chicago the last...

Apr 4th
2:19 PM
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Please take a moment today to think of Casey Austin Sheehan, son of Cindy and Patrick, who was murdered by U.S. foreign policy in Sadr City, Baghdad ten years...

Apr 4th
2:00 PM
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ICYMI - I've joined this "thunderclap" to support the Connecticut legislators who voted yes on last year's Act Concerning Gun Violence...

Apr 3rd
7:38 PM
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I've joined this "thunderclap" to support the Connecticut legislators who voted yes on last year's Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention...

Apr 2nd
8:27 PM
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I am opposed to the death penalty, but to every rule there is usually an exception, and in this case I hope the criminals at General Motors will be arrested...

Apr 1st
3:55 PM
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How Long Some in the US Will Survive Under New Health Law Donna Smith Those who must access care to live and can afford it are not...

Mar 31st
10:13 PM
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Last night, The Good Wife on the East Coast started 40 minutes late due to the overrun of the NCAA basketball game. If you had your DVR set for the show, you...

Mar 24th
5:41 PM
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Watching films today, looking for the ones I'm going to pick for my film festival this summer. I (and a whole bunch of others!) have this thing we put on...

Mar 23rd
4:48 PM
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When the U.S. Health Care System Keeps Killing, Who Cares Enough to Fight? Donna Smith We have largely forgotten that people are at...

Mar 21st
5:56 PM
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Tell the White House not to give up on Dr. Vivek Murthy's nomination as Surgeon General despite the ferocious opposition from the NRA: Don't give...

Mar 21st
5:38 PM
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This criminal would never see a jail cell, nor would his cronies. In fact, they'd later be rewarded with re-election: Presidential Address on War with...

Mar 19th
9:40 PM
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The crime of the century -- our invasion & slaughter in Iraq -- started 11 years ago tonite in this 7pm (ET) hour, March 19th, 2003: CNN Coverage of...

Mar 19th
9:08 PM
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Washington’s Back-to-the-Future Military Policies in Africa Nick Turse Nick Turse is an award-winning journalist, historian,...

Mar 17th
4:59 PM
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"I think democracy is the most revolutionary thing in the world." -- Tony Benn, 1925-2014 Tony Benn in 'Sicko'

Mar 14th
10:07 AM
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RIP Tony Benn, one of the UK's greatest leaders: Tony Benn, veteran Labour politician, dies aged 88 Former cabinet minister died at...

Mar 14th
9:53 AM
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Please read this important story from K. Ford K.: Am I the Face of the New American Middle Class? I began to feel I had slipped so low...

Mar 13th
2:24 PM
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Yesterday Dianne Feinstein revealed that the CIA has been spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee. This is all about the report the committee has produced...

Mar 12th
6:48 PM
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Health Care for All Colorado has brought Mercy Killers, a show written and performed by Michael Milligan about our murderous for-profit healthcare system, to...

Mar 10th
1:08 PM
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Health Care Dramas that Sting and Why We Have to Watch Donna Smith The realities Milligan has written into the show cut deep into...

Mar 10th
1:02 PM
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Did you know the Lehrer Newshour on PBS has been produced for 20 years by a company owned by conservative cable billionaire John Malone? Me neither. After...

Mar 7th
8:39 PM
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Mr. Obama, if int’l law is so damn crucial . . . | The Russian intervention deserves criticism. But let’s be clear. The...

Mar 6th
1:21 PM
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Enron billionaire John Arnold thinks everyone should believe him when he says we've got to cut pensions because he's so incredibly rich: John...

Mar 5th
4:20 PM
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More in David Sirota's continuing series on the billionaire takeover of PBS: More PBS conflict woes as activists move to eject David Koch from board of...

Mar 3rd
12:35 PM
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Ukraine: One ‘Regime Change’ Too Many? Ray McGovern Is “regime change” in Ukraine the bridge too far for the neoconservative...

Mar 2nd
9:25 PM
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Latest from David Sirota on Enron billionaire John Arnold smuggling anti-pension propaganda into "neutral" institutions like PBS and now, the...

Mar 1st
12:58 PM
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Second Guessing a Life: US Health Care System Robs Security and Human Dignity Donna Smith The dysfunction of the US health care system...

Feb 27th
1:40 PM
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