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October 29th, 2004

ELECTORS vs. ELECTRONS The investigation into the missing 60,000 Florida absentee ballots is kinda over. Jeb Bush encourages people to challenge other people's votes on election day which will hopefully create gridlock and/or chaos. More on the Florida issue here. Election monitors could overwhelm voters at the polls. Hundreds of ... continue reading

October 26th, 2004

VOTING IS FUN! Who Could Blame Us: Americans are skeptical about the election. Voting machines casting their own votes: "I cast my vote for president. I voted for Kerry and a check mark for Bush appeared." Will Ohio be the Florida of 2004? Ohio's Republican Secretary of State (he's also ... continue reading

October 18th, 2004

VOLUNTEER ON ELECTION DAY!!! Jeb Bush claims he has no plans to run in 2008 for the patent-pending "Bush One Term Presidency". Of course, Jeb's too busy trying to steal this election for his brother and has no time to think about the future. Voters in Florida head to the ... continue reading

October 16th, 2004

Still more Bush military records are found--what is still to be discovered? Scary scenarious abound for Election Day. Bush's lawyer anticipates delays. John Edwards goes on the attack. Eight states may decide the election. Kerry gains in Florida Sinclair Broadcasting gets a military contract. Bush's New England campaign chief steps ... continue reading

October 15th, 2004

More GOP dirty tricks, this time in Georgia, where absentee ballots are sent to voters with pro-Bush messages attached to them. In Milwaukee a large protest finally gets some action from the election board and Wisconsin's governor--perhaps there will be enough ballots for the people to vote after all. The ... continue reading

October 6th, 2004

Our latest chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq has given us a definitive account of Iraq's WMD capabilities--1,000 pages summed up in two words: FICTITIOUS WAR! New video of an American airstrike on Fallujah shows the killing of thirty people who may very well have been civilians--and the Pentagon can't ... continue reading

September 3rd, 2004

Why Democrats shouldn't be scared - By Michael Moore

By Michael Moore / USA Today NEW YORK — If I've heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times from discouraged Democrats and liberals as the Republican convention here wrapped up this week. Their shoulders hunched, their eyes at a droop, they lower their voice to a whisper hoping ... continue reading

September 2nd, 2004

As speakers at the GOP convention trumpet Bush administration successes in the war on terrorism, an NBC News analysis of Islamic terrorism since Sept. 11, 2001, shows that attacks are on the rise worldwide — dramatically. Swift boat veteran Bob Anderson of Columbus is ticked that Sen. John Kerry's swift ... continue reading

July 2nd, 2004

More Views from America #4: New York to South Dakota

NEW YORK Albany: "Our political group, Democracy for America, organized and got 140 people from our group into the 6:50 PM showing. People drove in from more than hour away just to see this film. We nearly bought out that show, but the entire show did sell out easily, as ... continue reading

April 25th, 2004

Huge numbers march for Pro-Choice in DC. A mother's pain It's starting again... Iran will be dealt with. Don't miss your chance to crash a party for Bush (CIVIL) WAR IN IRAQ--A YEAR LATER: US threatens new Fallujah offensive (more here). Reports are emerging from the last siege that American ... continue reading

April 8th, 2004

One Year Ago Also, the prophetic words of George W. Bush, from April 8th, 2003: "I hear a lot of talk here about how we're going to impose this leader or that leader. Forget it," Bush said at a news conference with the British prime minister outside Belfast. "Iraqis are ... continue reading

April 5th, 2004

Bill Moyers interviews Nixon whistleblower John Dean. Bush and Blair discussed attacking Iraq nine days after September 11th. Prosecutors have expanded their inquiry into the White House's leak of a CIA officer's name. (CIVIL) WAR IN IRAQ--A YEAR LATER: A grisly wake-up call in Fallujah. The confrontation between America and ... continue reading

April 3rd, 2004

MEDICAL EVACUATIONS IN IRAQ HIT 18,000 Impeachable Offenses? (CIVIL) WAR IN IRAQ--A YEAR LATER: Colin Powell comes clean and admits he got it wrong... which is almost like admitting that he lied. Families mourn 5 soldiers killed in Iraq. The US turns to mercenaries (more here on outsourcing the war ... continue reading

March 19th, 2004

TERRORIST ATTACKS IN SPAIN Spain to re-join 'Old Europe.' Don't call it appeasement... it's called democracy, and we could probably learn a thing or two. Bush officials say that the Spanish government "mishandled" early reports on the bombing by steering away from blaming al Qaeda. The group that claimed responsibility ... continue reading

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My father, Francis (Frank) Moore, passed away this morning a few months shy if his 93rd birthday. He was a great dad I am blessed to have had him in my life. I...

Apr 20th
2:58 AM
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Time to put the cuffs on Chris Christie -- not for the bridge scandal, but for this: Chris Christie's $300m pension proposal broke state anti-corruption...

Apr 18th
7:31 PM
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George W. Bush Debuts New Paintings Of Dogs, Friends, Ghost Of Iraqi Child That Follows Him... President Bush has a new hobby -- painting! --...

Apr 17th
7:28 PM
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Big new story from David Sirota and Pando on top Christie adviser and appearance of corruption at New Jersey's pension fund: REVEALED: Gov....

Apr 17th
12:41 PM
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FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States WASHINGTON—The FBI announced today that it has uncovered a...

Apr 15th
3:28 PM
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Revealed: Rahm Emanuel's top donor bought stock in Marriott just before it was awarded huge contract As schools are closed and pensions cut,...

Apr 9th
2:00 PM
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I'll be at First Time Fest today in New York City at the screening of my first film, Roger & Me. Loews Village 7 at 12:30 pm. Come see it on the big...

Apr 5th
9:48 AM
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Revealed: Rahm Emanuel cuts public pensions, diverts money to benefit campaign donors If you've read the financial news out of Chicago the last...

Apr 4th
2:19 PM
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Please take a moment today to think of Casey Austin Sheehan, son of Cindy and Patrick, who was murdered by U.S. foreign policy in Sadr City, Baghdad ten years...

Apr 4th
2:00 PM
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ICYMI - I've joined this "thunderclap" to support the Connecticut legislators who voted yes on last year's Act Concerning Gun Violence...

Apr 3rd
7:38 PM
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I've joined this "thunderclap" to support the Connecticut legislators who voted yes on last year's Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention...

Apr 2nd
8:27 PM
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I am opposed to the death penalty, but to every rule there is usually an exception, and in this case I hope the criminals at General Motors will be arrested...

Apr 1st
3:55 PM
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How Long Some in the US Will Survive Under New Health Law Donna Smith Those who must access care to live and can afford it are not...

Mar 31st
10:13 PM
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Last night, The Good Wife on the East Coast started 40 minutes late due to the overrun of the NCAA basketball game. If you had your DVR set for the show, you...

Mar 24th
5:41 PM
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Watching films today, looking for the ones I'm going to pick for my film festival this summer. I (and a whole bunch of others!) have this thing we put on...

Mar 23rd
4:48 PM
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When the U.S. Health Care System Keeps Killing, Who Cares Enough to Fight? Donna Smith We have largely forgotten that people are at...

Mar 21st
5:56 PM
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Tell the White House not to give up on Dr. Vivek Murthy's nomination as Surgeon General despite the ferocious opposition from the NRA: Don't give...

Mar 21st
5:38 PM
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This criminal would never see a jail cell, nor would his cronies. In fact, they'd later be rewarded with re-election: Presidential Address on War with...

Mar 19th
9:40 PM
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The crime of the century -- our invasion & slaughter in Iraq -- started 11 years ago tonite in this 7pm (ET) hour, March 19th, 2003: CNN Coverage of...

Mar 19th
9:08 PM
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Washington’s Back-to-the-Future Military Policies in Africa Nick Turse Nick Turse is an award-winning journalist, historian,...

Mar 17th
4:59 PM
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"I think democracy is the most revolutionary thing in the world." -- Tony Benn, 1925-2014 Tony Benn in 'Sicko'

Mar 14th
10:07 AM
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RIP Tony Benn, one of the UK's greatest leaders: Tony Benn, veteran Labour politician, dies aged 88 Former cabinet minister died at...

Mar 14th
9:53 AM
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Please read this important story from K. Ford K.: Am I the Face of the New American Middle Class? I began to feel I had slipped so low...

Mar 13th
2:24 PM
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Yesterday Dianne Feinstein revealed that the CIA has been spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee. This is all about the report the committee has produced...

Mar 12th
6:48 PM
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Health Care for All Colorado has brought Mercy Killers, a show written and performed by Michael Milligan about our murderous for-profit healthcare system, to...

Mar 10th
1:08 PM
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Health Care Dramas that Sting and Why We Have to Watch Donna Smith The realities Milligan has written into the show cut deep into...

Mar 10th
1:02 PM
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Did you know the Lehrer Newshour on PBS has been produced for 20 years by a company owned by conservative cable billionaire John Malone? Me neither. After...

Mar 7th
8:39 PM
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Mr. Obama, if int’l law is so damn crucial . . . | The Russian intervention deserves criticism. But let’s be clear. The...

Mar 6th
1:21 PM
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Enron billionaire John Arnold thinks everyone should believe him when he says we've got to cut pensions because he's so incredibly rich: John...

Mar 5th
4:20 PM
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