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September 22nd, 2003

Carol Moseley Braun announced her candidacy today, with a little less money but an endorsement from the National Organization for Women . Planning on voting Bush out of office, but not sure who can handle the job? Check out Project Vote Smart's guide to the candidates to find out a ... continue reading

September 18th, 2003

It's about time! Rumsfeld finally admits Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11--and so does Bush. But then, if Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, then why did Bush cite 9/11 as a reason for war with Iraq on March 18th? Hans Blix believes that weapons of mass ... continue reading

September 15th, 2003

The US report on Iraq's WMD programs which was due this month might be delayed, or even withheld completely. The Patriot Act is being used more and more often to fight common crimes, not terrorists--while Ashcroft says that people upset about losing their liberties are suffering from "hysteria." Wolfowitz backs ... continue reading

February 24th, 2003

Listen to the radio! Protest Bush! Seven states sue Bush. Bush ignores our actual problems. According to Bush, the economy is looking up--though he's not sure why. Kill the innocent. The duct tape phenomenon explained. Voting in America (find even more here). Are car manufacturers ripping you off even more ... continue reading

September 7th, 2002

Bush Aides Set Strategy to Sell Policy on Iraq

By Elisabeth Bumiller / The New York Times WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 — White House officials said today that the administration was following a meticulously planned strategy to persuade the public, the Congress and the allies of the need to confront the threat from Saddam Hussein. The rollout of the strategy ... continue reading

August 1st, 2002

Congress has passed a new bill making it harder for average citizens to declare bankruptcy. It's a credit card company's dream. Read about it. Bush was dragged kicking and screaming into signing the new corporate fraud bill. Then, he wiped the tears out of his eyes, and started weakening it--starting ... continue reading

January 29th, 2002

George W. in the Garden of Gethsemane

An Open Letter to George W. Bush from Michael Moore Dear George, When it's all over in a couple months, and you're packing up your pretzels and Spot and heading back to Texas, what will be your biggest regret? Not getting out more often and seeing the sights around Rock ... continue reading

October 8th, 2001

All I Am Saying Is Give War a Chance

Dear Friends, It's about time! I was beginning to worry that George II didn't have it in him, that he might wander off to vacation in Omaha again. But finally, the bombs are raining down on Afghanistan and, as Martha Stewart says, that's a good thing. Oh, don't get me ... continue reading

December 15th, 2000

We Need 3 Electors with a Conscience

Dear friends, There is still one more chance to stop the theft of the 2000 election. On Monday, the electors will gather in their respective state capitals to cast their votes for President. If just three of the Republicans' 271 electors switch their votes, Bush loses. I have to believe ... continue reading

December 11th, 2000

Get Ready, Folks -- Those Democrats Are About to Cave. Should We?

Dear friends, As I write this, the Supreme Court is deciding what to do. And the Democrats are running for cover. They are expecting to lose. They always do. No faith in their own position. No guts. The pundits are screaming for Al Gore to throw in the towel. He ... continue reading

August 8th, 2000

Women put up with a lot of crap

Dear friends, Women put up with a lot of crap, but this year's Presidential farce has to take the cake. We now have four men on the "two" major party tickets running for the White House. Neither candidate, Democrat nor Republican, even bothered to CONSIDER a woman for Vice President, ... continue reading

July 25th, 2000

Let's Hear it for the Republicans!

Dear friends, So we had this story for our show, "The Awful Truth," on Dick Cheney and what a genius he was to go from conducting the Gulf War to becoming the wealthy CEO of a company that made millions in government contracts -- in part, rebuilding the oil infrastructure ... continue reading

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If you have a moment today, I hope you can read the obituary for my father Francis (Frank) Moore, who died this past Saturday at the age of 92: Francis...

Apr 22nd
6:33 PM
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My father, Francis (Frank) Moore, passed away this morning a few months shy if his 93rd birthday. He was a great dad I am blessed to have had him in my life. I...

Apr 20th
2:58 AM
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Time to put the cuffs on Chris Christie -- not for the bridge scandal, but for this: Chris Christie's $300m pension proposal broke state anti-corruption...

Apr 18th
7:31 PM
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George W. Bush Debuts New Paintings Of Dogs, Friends, Ghost Of Iraqi Child That Follows Him... President Bush has a new hobby -- painting! --...

Apr 17th
7:28 PM
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Big new story from David Sirota and Pando on top Christie adviser and appearance of corruption at New Jersey's pension fund: REVEALED: Gov....

Apr 17th
12:41 PM
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FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States WASHINGTON—The FBI announced today that it has uncovered a...

Apr 15th
3:28 PM
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Revealed: Rahm Emanuel's top donor bought stock in Marriott just before it was awarded huge contract As schools are closed and pensions cut,...

Apr 9th
2:00 PM
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I'll be at First Time Fest today in New York City at the screening of my first film, Roger & Me. Loews Village 7 at 12:30 pm. Come see it on the big...

Apr 5th
9:48 AM
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Revealed: Rahm Emanuel cuts public pensions, diverts money to benefit campaign donors If you've read the financial news out of Chicago the last...

Apr 4th
2:19 PM
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Please take a moment today to think of Casey Austin Sheehan, son of Cindy and Patrick, who was murdered by U.S. foreign policy in Sadr City, Baghdad ten years...

Apr 4th
2:00 PM
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ICYMI - I've joined this "thunderclap" to support the Connecticut legislators who voted yes on last year's Act Concerning Gun Violence...

Apr 3rd
7:38 PM
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I've joined this "thunderclap" to support the Connecticut legislators who voted yes on last year's Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention...

Apr 2nd
8:27 PM
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I am opposed to the death penalty, but to every rule there is usually an exception, and in this case I hope the criminals at General Motors will be arrested...

Apr 1st
3:55 PM
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How Long Some in the US Will Survive Under New Health Law Donna Smith Those who must access care to live and can afford it are not...

Mar 31st
10:13 PM
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Last night, The Good Wife on the East Coast started 40 minutes late due to the overrun of the NCAA basketball game. If you had your DVR set for the show, you...

Mar 24th
5:41 PM
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Watching films today, looking for the ones I'm going to pick for my film festival this summer. I (and a whole bunch of others!) have this thing we put on...

Mar 23rd
4:48 PM
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When the U.S. Health Care System Keeps Killing, Who Cares Enough to Fight? Donna Smith We have largely forgotten that people are at...

Mar 21st
5:56 PM
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Tell the White House not to give up on Dr. Vivek Murthy's nomination as Surgeon General despite the ferocious opposition from the NRA: Don't give...

Mar 21st
5:38 PM
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This criminal would never see a jail cell, nor would his cronies. In fact, they'd later be rewarded with re-election: Presidential Address on War with...

Mar 19th
9:40 PM
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The crime of the century -- our invasion & slaughter in Iraq -- started 11 years ago tonite in this 7pm (ET) hour, March 19th, 2003: CNN Coverage of...

Mar 19th
9:08 PM
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Washington’s Back-to-the-Future Military Policies in Africa Nick Turse Nick Turse is an award-winning journalist, historian,...

Mar 17th
4:59 PM
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"I think democracy is the most revolutionary thing in the world." -- Tony Benn, 1925-2014 Tony Benn in 'Sicko'

Mar 14th
10:07 AM
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RIP Tony Benn, one of the UK's greatest leaders: Tony Benn, veteran Labour politician, dies aged 88 Former cabinet minister died at...

Mar 14th
9:53 AM
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Please read this important story from K. Ford K.: Am I the Face of the New American Middle Class? I began to feel I had slipped so low...

Mar 13th
2:24 PM
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Yesterday Dianne Feinstein revealed that the CIA has been spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee. This is all about the report the committee has produced...

Mar 12th
6:48 PM
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Health Care for All Colorado has brought Mercy Killers, a show written and performed by Michael Milligan about our murderous for-profit healthcare system, to...

Mar 10th
1:08 PM
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Health Care Dramas that Sting and Why We Have to Watch Donna Smith The realities Milligan has written into the show cut deep into...

Mar 10th
1:02 PM
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Did you know the Lehrer Newshour on PBS has been produced for 20 years by a company owned by conservative cable billionaire John Malone? Me neither. After...

Mar 7th
8:39 PM
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Mr. Obama, if int’l law is so damn crucial . . . | The Russian intervention deserves criticism. But let’s be clear. The...

Mar 6th
1:21 PM
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